About NBU


NBU Athletics prides itself on teaching the fundamentals of basketball to youth through daily skills training, competitive in-house leagues, AAU travel teams, as well as summer and holiday camps. 

NBU stands for "Nothin' But U!" To us, that means that the only person that will improve your game is U! We instill in our athletes that each individual player makes up the team, and it is vital that U understand what you U can do to help the team win! 

We spend a lot of time on shooting and ball handling, but every skill is equally important. We believe that DR CHIPPS encompasses all of the major components of a great basketball player. Defense, Rebounding, Cutting, Handles, IQ, Passing, Pivoting, and Shooting. Every day we work to master those skills, and we watch your game evolve. 

What is incredible about our program, and what separates us from the rest is that we group our athletes based on age and skill. It builds each athlete's confidence, and allows them to work at a similar pace all while getting better! 

Join us to improve your game. It's up to U!!!